Nearly the Last Day!

We were at Palais Wilson today and what a full day it was! We spent a lot of the day preparing for our presentation to the CRPD committee tomorrow but we also met with a number of Committee members over the day, either as a group or later at the reception celebrating the 10th anniversary of the drafting of the CRPD. 

For more information on current committee members, check out the membership description

We met with Theresia Wegener, Vice Chair of the Committee. Later we met with Mr. Rusksu from Nigeria, and Mr. Basharu from Nigeria. For me, what was interesting was to hear the questions that the committee members have for our country and the clear interest they have for the issues we are experiencing. Much like those of us in our delegation, each member has a number of issues that they are clearly passionate about. I look forward to our formal presentation tomorrow and the opportunity to answer the questions they bring to us. 

We also had a brief meeting with the brand new legal advisor to the Canadian Mission, Lorraine Anderson. Although short, I think our meeting was productive in that she clearly was interested in our comments and concerns. 

I feel the process we have been through in the past few days is a critical piece to the work of addressing clearly the situation in our country. Many countries do not have the opportunity to meet with the committee members this early in their process of drafting the questions to a state. I have come to realize how critical these face to face discussions are for delving into the complicated issues present in a country. I think it is incredibly helpful for us as a delegation to hone our issues down and through each discussion, become clearer about the themes that run through our communities and the top priorities for our country to address at this time. 

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day!