Hello from Montreal and the first leg of my trip!

It's been a long couple of days, but our first day of meetings in Montreal with the Legislation, Policy and Services Responses to Violence Against Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women in Canada team! 

We spent a long day going over early findings and planning for next steps for the project. I cannot wait to meet with my own Provincial Regional Action Teams (PRATs) in November! There is so much work to do and it amazing to hear from other provincial coordinators and researchers, as well as from our national DAWN team. There is so much I cannot say, but I will say, after a day of bumps, I had an amazing dinner with the team and I am excited to see what tomorrow brings as we map out our next steps in this project. 

Leaving you with a picture of Bonnie Brayton (DAWN Canada Exective Director and long time friend), and I at the lovely restaurant Vieux-Port Steakhouse where the server and kitchen staff ensured that I had a lovely allergy free meal! (and even a lovely appetizer!). The hotel where I am staying--The Hotel William Gray--is beautiful and doing a great job in accommodating those of us visiting. 

thank you Montreal!