Friends, Herring, and Adventures in the Atlantic Ocean

I spent a lovely day in den Hague with Anila Noor, her friends and family. What lovely excursion from the solo exploring. 

I managed to put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean from the European side, tried the Dutch traditional herring (not to my taste, most likely much better with the fixings but I could not try those with my allergies in mind), and explored the city...Attached, please find a few photos of my explorations. I managed to go to the Mauritshuis Museum--simply incredible.

Today, I awoke at the early hour of 515 AM to take the tram, then train back to Amsterdam airport. boarding was easy and KLM treated me wonderfully. The arrival in Geneva was beautiful and I checked in without incident. However, I am having a challenge to find food here. And there is most definitely a language barrier. It is incredible to me how much I can understand when I catch bits of conversation, alas, I am not willing to attempt to burden the Swiss French speaking people with my West Coast Quebec inspired high school French. Language is something I have always lamented I did not get to practice more. but the truth is that I haven't spoke French or German since I was 19 years old. Netherlands was truly easy with nearly everyone speaking English and other languages. 

The rest of the Canadian delegation arrive tomorrow morning and then the UN meetings begin. I cannot wait to engage in the many conversations that are about to occur. 

More tomorrow!