Au Revoir, Montreal!

DAWN Canada's Legislation, Policy and Service Responses to Violence against women with disabilities and Deaf women team met for day two of our national in person planning meeting. It was an energizing and exciting conversation despite my jet lag and night of little sleep. My body does not like to go to bed early! The are so many intersections between this contract for DAWN Canada and my other projects. I think the coming months are going to be amazing and filled with synchronicity! 

I had a small walk around old Montreal this evening when I went off to find sushi for dinner. The sun was going down and the architecture was gorgeous. I did not bring my canon camera, but here are a few photos of the adventure taken with my phone.. 

Tomorrow I have one last meeting at the DAWN office and then I head to the airport to go through international security and find my way to Amsterdam. Unbelievable. Tomorrow will be spent going over the reports that have been written by CCD and partners as well as a little time on my PhD comp. I am feeling so inspired for that work and need to make the time to write! 

Not sure that I will be writing tomorrow, so see you all in Amsterdam!!