Short Update

Time seems to have slipped by so quickly! The holiday season was busy and I have been recovering from another bout of Asthma/lung infection flu episode  but am feeling so much better after a course of antibiotics and prednisone. My plan is that this year I will keep on top of the respiratory challenges! It’s so good to have an amazing physician on board!

These days, I am preparing my business plan as I work to get my abilities out there! I am hoping to have more on the website, make regular posts and set up great search tags! I am looking for writing, research, consulting, and workshop presentation opportunities.

A couple weeks ago I received the amazing news that I was accepted into the Women’s Human Rights Institute! This is an amazing 6 week institute at the University of Toronto in May and June. I am looking forward to interacting with women human rights activists from around the world and receiving in depth training on several of the United Nations Conventions. My intention is to take what I have been working on with the CRPD and developing specific workshops related to the Conventions. Currently I am applying for grants to attend this! the cost in total for the Institute, flight, travel, accommodation and food is approximately $8000.00 so my work is really cut out for me!

So there is my update in a nutshell!