Jewelles Smith for School Trustee

by Jewelles Smith / 10.28.2011

I made the decision to run for school trustee here in Revelstoke. The Chamber of Commerce hosted an all candidates forum on Wednesday (2 days ago). I truly appreciated the community members who came out and voiced their concerns. One topic that was voiced by several parents was the issue of French Immersion. In Revelstoke, due to numbers, until now, we do not have a French Immersion class. After this forum, it has become apparent to me that I need to read up on three different options–early entry immersion, late entry immersion, and intensive immersion. I am looking forward to hearing more from parents, and if elected, this is definitely an issue I will address.

My primary concern as a parent, and the issue I will most focus on if elected is the situation in classrooms for children with special needs. The provincial government often chooses to make cuts to programming for students with special needs in an attempt to balance their budget. Cuts to these programs, staff, and supports are intolerable.

I recognize that each parent, teacher, staff, and community member has different issues that are important to them. I hope in the coming weeks to hear from you and learn more about what our community sees for the future of our school district!