A New Year and Government once again is out of session

Happy New Year!
Well, I dropped off blogging for a bit...the BC election was so depressing I couldn't write another word. I have resolved that a new year, and I shall go forward with my witty commentary. (seriously? sigh).
This year I am working with JFSA as their Special Needs coordinator. It is part time and as always I am looking for more employment. However, the job is exciting and I have enjoyed my first couple months. As part of this new position, I have begun a new blog called Brucheem Habaeem: JFSA Disability Forum. Included in the blog are links to useful disability resources provincially, nationally, and in the Jewish Community.
The DRPI project is wrapping up in Vancouver, and I am looking forward to reading the results and write-up from the BC interviews. I have published a couple of items (one for Women's Media Center in New York on how the recesion is affecting Women with disabilities) in the past months and did a guest interview with CJSF for Day of Person's with Disabilities (Dec 3).
In the news these days, our illustrious federal government has once again decided to take a break from work and prorogued. Murray Dobbin has written a fabulously scathing article in the Rabble...
I am committed to writing more this year. there is far too many important matters slipping by and as our governments are not doing their jobs, the people and communities have to take a stand and demand action.
Some of the issues I would like to address in the coming weeks include Canada's continued failure to sign the UN's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (and now that they are "taking a break", who knows...). As well, there is less and less money for not for profits and important resources for vulnerable populations...well, so many topics, how many weeks are there?????
Off for now, back again soon (er)