Woman receives face transplant after being shot in the face

It is all over the media today, that Connie Culp, whose husband shot her in the face five years ago, has received a face transplant. Culp's husband was sentenced to 7 years in jail after the shooting. He had also shot himself the night of the incident. Culp now works as an advocate for people who have experienced burns and other severe disfigurements from trauma. this is a remarkable feat from the medical world. In all of her statements, Culp has stated that she wants people to stop staring at her, thinking of her as a monster, or being afraid.
Around the world, women experience violence by men. women are murdered by men. women live in fear of men. I read a blog today that drew attention to all the media hype around the so called "swine flu" or H1N1 flu and compared how many ill, how many dead from the flu in relation to how many women and children were killed in the same amount of time (52 days) of media coverage. there is very little national coverage of domestic violence and murder, and yet an influenza is receiving attention worldwide, constantly. We need to draw attention to the epidemic of woman violence and often murder by men and we need to unite as activists and media to put a stop to this violence.