Sad day for news

First, I want to comment on the death of a woman activist in Afghanistan. She had been traveling with her friend who had gotten out of the rickshaw when gunmen pulled up and shot her to death. Sitara Achakzai was an outspoken activist for women's rights in Afghanistan. She had returned there in 2004 to help rebuild her country. And now she is silenced. I cannot believe when people say that feminism isn't necessary any longer, that women have equality to men. women are killed in this world for speaking out, for seeking rights, for defying religion, politics and law. Women are killed for standing up for the rights of themselves and their children. I am sick over this death. I think about the activism i am involved in and I think about the voices that have tried to shut me down, shut me out--as a single mother, as a person with disabilities, as a woman who is vocal. I remember being told by a professor at UNBC that "people like you do not deserve to go to university". The women of Afgan are shaken by this act of violence against one of their major spokespersons, I hope they do not faulter. It is only by standing strong through bullying and attack that they will succeed in stopping the violence and oppression.

Sad news point two. Michael Ciro Nestoruk was a disabled homeless man who "lived" in the area near my son's school. He could be found panhandling near local businesses. He had endured many trategies in his life, had been recently trying to get back on track, clean up from drug use that started after he had several injuries including the loss of his leg and a broken back. He had two daughters that from all accounts he loved very much. He was murdered last Thursday. His body was found near the front door of my son's school by parents dropping their kids off in the morning. Mr. Nestoruk's pants, shoe and wheelchair were found near his body.

This man should not have been homeless. If he had somewhere to sleep, somewhere warm and safe, he would not have been out later Wednesday and early Thursday. he would be safe. I am so angry that so many people are homeless in this provinve, that there is not enough accessible, safe, affordable housing for people. that waitlists are years long. that people cannot find suitable and stable homes. I am sick over this murder. I am disgusted that the circumstances that put this man into that place at that time and lead to his death could even happen. And believe me, this is not rare--that is attacks on homeless and vulnerable members of our society. theft and attacks on homeless and vulnerable and elders and women continues. It will only stop when as a society we address the issues that lead to homelessness, vulberability and isolation. Shame on policy makers and community members who continue to turn their backs on issues that lead to homelessness, drug addiction, and poverty.