Living on Welfare / Denied Assistance Studies and CCPA

When i was completing my Masters, I was hired to work on a couple of joint projects between the SFU Women's Studies Department and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Out of the many projects of the Economic Security project, I had the privilege of working on two: "Denied Assistance: Closing the Front Door on Welfare in BC" and "Living on Welfare in BC: Experiences of Longer-Term "Expected to Work" Recipients. I also was able to work on the conference planning committee for "Imagining Public Policy to Meet Women's Economic Security Needs" and to chair the panel "Single Mothers on Social Assistance: Moving Towards Solutions".
Recently, the CCPA (Goh Iromoto, Shannon Daub and Seth Klein) has been working on a series of short slide show/ documentaries based on the entire Economic Security Project. Goh interviewed me regarding my experience working on the projects. I have attached the link to the clip i appear in, however, take the time to check out the others as this is an amazing series.