Intravenus Radio Interview

So last week I was interviewed by Frieda Werden on the CJSF for Intravenus (a Wednesday feminist program). In one hour plenty was covered! Some of the topics were the work I have done during my Masters and since graduation. so work on the CCPA projects (Economic Security Project, "Imagining Public Policy to Meet Women's Needs", "Living on Welfare in BC", and "Denied Assistance").
I had a blast on the radio show and only had a couple moments of feeling a little unprepared...Frieda probed deep into my last 5 years of work and volunteerism! The links to the show are in 2 parts (each 1/2 hour long)--part 1 and part 2.

As this year I have decided to increase my media abilities, I feel blessed to have so many amazing opportunities through the work I do and have done these past years. Truly I am amazed daily at the opportunities I have to further the causes I feel passionate about.