Assessing my CV and applications

I am presently working on an application to the Progressive Women's Voices project in NYC. I met Rebekah Spicuglia at the ARM conference last fall. She was working with Joy Rose of Mamapalooza on a documentary of mothers voices over the past 50 years. I and many other attendees were interviewed for this project. Since that time, Rebekah has published an amazing research project on noncustodial mothers. After a brief dialogue on noncustodial disabled mothers, Rebekah invited me to take the time to apply to the Progressive Women's Voices media project. so I am putting together my media CV for this. First, as much as i have been in the media often enough and in the future would like very much to do this more, I was a little freaked out by the daunting task of finding old media clips and documents. I do have a scrapbook so at least that is one thing (I can scan them), however, i was wondering where i would find online clips of interviews and projects--ask and you receive. I was sifting through my friends' newsfeeds last night and saw the posting by Shannon Daub to link friends to ESP (Economic Security Project) slide/documentary pieces by Goh Iromoto...i instantly recalled that i had been interviewed for this and began the search to find out if he had included my clips at all--yeah! so that is covered. I also was just asked last week to appear on CJSF for an interview on my post education activities in particular the work i have been doing with DAWN-RAFH Canada about women with disabilities and access to emergency shelter and homes; work on violence against disabled women (including reviews on elder abuse and violence against disabled mothers). Relieved that i can fill that part of the application. I know there are other clips out there but i believe these will suffice.
When i was reviewing the past participants in this project I was awestruck and i mean awe...these women are amazing and the work they are doing internationally is phenomenal. I only hope that one day i will be counted in their numbers--as a woman who changes the conversation and draws attention to important issues. for those who know me i have a passion for issues thast affect disabled women, single mothers, and students. as well, i have been and remain an activist for affordable quality childcare.
i have learned a few things about resumes and CVs in the past year. these are:
  • keep track of what you are doing regularly with dates, locations, contacts
  • most of us are doing more than we realize
  • if you haven't done the first suggestion, it is amazing what you will recall once you start to write things down!
  • keep in contact with your references. especially for those of us who do consulting work and random works, having strong references that are aware of the work we are doing is key to finding further work...
the above is only a few recently gleaned points. i always look forward to more ideas and thoughts. building experience for students and future leaders is key to changing the world.