january is half over

its been awhile since i wrote...it seems that when one states something to the universe (mmm and i did) it manifests...and it did. i am presently not working and although i wished i had more time, i did not wish to be unemployed (not to worry in the long run because it is temporary). I have cleaned and organized and finally yesterday set up my painting area. tomorrow is my son's bday party and once that is done and the dishes are cleaned, i can face the rest of the week with painting in mind.
i will continue with the brain paintings...i left off with #4 half completed. this will be completed and then i can move on.

other random things--

i was in an accident over the holiday. but avoided a headon, was thankful to all the angels that stopped and helped the boys and i out the car window. i am greatful that when the towtruck pulled the car out, all that was to be found was a blown tire and a dent. all was repaired, we spent the night in Cache Creek and continued home the next day. and now i live in fear of black ice!

somehow i erased my entire music collection off my ipod...i wanted to sync it to my desktop computer and poof, all was gone!

i find it strange that kids tend to misbehave the most when they are facing a "treat" day. why is that?

damn and i forgot to get a present for a party that my younger son is to attend tomorrow...i find it so difficult to figure out what to get kids. i mean, games and such cost far more than i want to spend on a 10 year old friend of my child. i don't know what books kids have or would want, or what other activities...tomorrow, before my older son's party, i will have to get my butt to London Drugs and find something! (i think i will take my younger dude and have him help me find something. I can't wait until the kids are old enough to choose and pay for their friend's presents themselves!!!

I am re-reading Madame Bovary. I have been doing a lot of re-reading of the classics in my library. also i have discovered that value village often has really good books for cheap!

I have a bunch of random household things i want to sell. i always get this urge in the winter when a garage sale is out of the question. mind you, it would be kinda funny to fill my snow covered lawn with items for sale and sit out there in a parka with hotchocolate and see if anyone actually stopped...haha

my older dog has taken to freaking out when she encounters other dogs. so she has a muzzle now. and she is so embarrassed by it that she lowers her head and drags her nose under her chest. alas she must wear it because so many people do not leash their dogs, the dogs run up to my dog and she behaves badly. she is getting fat because i stopped wallking her. the last thing i need is for her to bite another dog! so muzzle it is! i feel sorry for her though.

so hopefully the next post will include some photos of new paintings!