thank you its December

last month of a very long year!
I am working hard on the next phase of the project i am consulting for...still not sure about that "consultant" definition...I much prefer the old "contract worker"
anyway. I had to do a bunch of reading on what SWC wants in a proposal. its a little weird for some projects...i have to name how many --like real numbers! on who will respond to specific projects (eg 20 shelters will accomplish "x" by the end of such and such a month. which is hard to gauge when a project hasn't been completed and response is still not certain
ah well, its a learning curve
I am still bent on the moving bug. I am really and thoroughly disgusted with living in Vancouver. I hate my house, my neighbourhood, my routine. there are no interesting coffee shops near me and i am tired of my four walls that i work, live, raise boys and sleep within.
however, i am taking advantage of the rain to reread some of my fav books (and a few new ones) i read the much talked about Twilight series in 5 days (yes 4 books, being sick slowed down the momentum). I am now working my way through margaret atwood...
the boys had a super weekend. i think it helped that i bought a couple of used games (they played so nice!!!) and Pierce has taken up reading to his bro every night for about 15 minutes (i am amazed after the last months of feuding they were up to!!!!!)
i have been looking at work and PhD programs right across Canada. seriously i want out of the rain. it's been 7 years that we have lived here and i still cannot believe it. sometimes i wish i could put everything into storage and just go on a tour of the country. then decide where to live. ah but i have no desire to homeschool (or car school) the boys at this time in my life!
so there is my brain drop for december.
things to do in the new year is my final musing for this post. ah what to do with an entirely new year...