trip to ottawa and back again

NEADS conference was fabulous! I am happy to be ending my term as the BC rep. It has been a great two years but I am feeling out of the loop as it has been over a year since my grad and i think that having a current student is a good idea! I will miss many aspects of the board, including the amazing people i worked with.
Had a blast at the conference itself and hope to keep in touch with all the new friends. thank the geeks for facebook and the amazing ability to instantly reconnect and be in touch! I look forward to working with all these individuals in the near future.
now as for the trip home...what torture, I was crammed into such a small seat and one the first leg of the trip, the women beside me were peanut fiends and after i asked them not to eat their bags (no joke) of peanuts on the trip they proceeded to discuss the difficulty it was for them to refrain from the peanuts and asked the flight attended several times before take up to please confirm that the flight was full and that i could not be moved. and they commented over and over on what a hard thing it must be for me to be allergic. all i could think--please forgive me i was tired--is that it would not be such a hardship if people refrained from eating peanuts in closed spaces (many people have this allergy!) AND it would not be nearly so trying for me if they would simply stop discussing it! normally i find people to be much more understanding about allergies and i also find these opportunities great to educate people on how they can make their world safer for persons with allergies.
sooo then on the second leg of the trip...the woman right beside me was wearing a LOT of perfume. I had already taken benadryl the first leg just to be safe so i had to re-dose myself. so i got a lot of sleep on the planes.
Ah and work...came home to a list of things to do. I am looking forward to writing an article for the DAWN-RAFH Newsletter on my trip to Toronto last month and the presentation i made there. (For ARM conference)
also I am compiling a "fact sheet" on violence against WWD. I am trying to keep on top of the stats can site so that I will immediately see when they get the stats on WWD for 2006 up.
the boys are great. they were happy to have me home and so were the doggies. so nice to walk into a house of hugs and kisses (of the boy and the dog kind)