friday thoughts

hmmm i am having one of those days where i know i want more. i want change so much. i want to write for me again...searching for PhD options...schools, ect. thinking about a few of the stories i began to write and wondering if i have the nerves to take it on and begin to write.
i have been reading so much lately and wonder at the inspiration i am feeling.
i want to move...i want change....yet i am stuck. so stuck. the boys "need" the schools they are in. but i hate vancouver these days. seriously. my life is work, boys schools, boys doctor appointments, more work and occasionally i escape to a book.
i have been sick all week. some flu. but it actually wasn't all that bad because i was able to give myself permission to tell work i was too sick and i stayed in bed (a lot) and read and slept. drank lots of ginger ale. cuddled my dogs and watched a couple movies with the boys.
i am inspired by one of my good friends list of things to accomplish (i have not made one of these recently) and even more inspired by her posting it! nothing like stating ones intentions to the universe!
fearlessly i take the plunge forward each day. i know i want to move...but where and what work? and what about PhD? i want to live somewhere my boys can play outside and not have to worry about people and fast cars and gangs that they may join as they rebel.
it is raining yuck. makes me miss the snow. i know then there is the cold!