ponderings on a child and his alternatives

so my son is for the second time this year suspended. Everytime he is in the regular school system he is suspended over and over to the point that it has affected his education and he now has gaps in learning. Last year he went to one of the most amazing programs I have ever seen but unfortunately, due to funding, this program is only for one year, usually.
So here i am. a parent seriously worried about the future of my child who has a very challenging condition. He is very smart, very funny but completely unable to "swim" in the school system that has been built up in this country.
I have a very good friend who has a son with autism. she home schooled her son when he went from being verbal to stuttering. He was home schooled for 4 years and then slowly reintroduced into mainstream of a school she chose. She is my hero. He has done phenomenally well. She has listened to my struggles with this school challenge.
On Thursday night I thought long and hard and then called her and asked her advice on home schooling. She knows that I work from home and that I am an activist for the communities I support. After two evenings of discussions, I have decided at the "suspension" meeting next week, I will inform the school that he will no longer be attending their program. I do not feet that he is safe and I am not sure that other children will be safe as he is growing bigger.
I have felt a weight lifted, although this means that I will have to juggle my work (which i do from home or out of town), I feel already less stress, as he will not be somewhere out in an environment that does not have his best interests at heart--and how could they? they are understaffed and over worked and only recognize "certain" disabilities.
At home, he can do his work while I do mine, and we can do the outings that are necessary and maybe the extra close mum attention will help in ways that all the stress of school and their teams and their meetings will not.
I know my child and as much as he is so very challenging, he is also funny, and very intelligent and capable of great insight and kindness. I refuse to see any more of that destroyed.
so here I embark on another new path, home schooling my child. wish me luck.